Ready to discover our history – The company – Casa Rinaldi is born from the passion for the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and takes its name from the building of 1888 housing in his attic the old vinegar factory of the Rinaldi family, a place where time seems to stand still, here in several batteries and forty antique and valuable barrels slowly takes life the precious black gold of Modena is known throughout the world. Today Casa Rinaldi is a modern company that counts three locations in Italy, one in Florence (Tuscany) specializing in the bottling of extra virgin olive oil, and five abroad with a total turnover of 52 million euro.

The venue – The headquarters remains in the Modenese countryside, in the heart of the Food Valley Emiliana only a few meters from the ancient building of Casa Rinaldi. In an avant-garde structure designed by architects Marco and Stefano Fontana develops the main plant with open plan offices, a large showroom and an antiseismic logistics that can count on a warehouse of over 7,000 square meters to 15 meters high with more than 1,500 solar panels, as well as a segment of the art cold storage rooms can store food in both refrigeration regime and frost.

The products – Casa Rinaldi has taken up the challenge of bringing the world the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, a product that has always been disinclined to be traded in large numbers, but for tradition jealously kept in private selections and donated to at most loved ones, friends or personalities. The selection of Casa Rinaldi is expanding soon to the best Italian food excellences: extra virgin olive oil, canns, from pestos to fruit jams, from sauces to pasta to the vegetables in oil or vinegar, not to forget the wide range dedicated to organic; typical regional products linked to the Italian tradition and the authentic flavor too often far from large commercial circuits.



So to celebrate with you our 40th anniversary, we have created IL CUORE DEL SAPORE Condiment, containing Aged Modena Balsamic Vinegar PGI.



Opening of new showroom and show kitchen


In subsequent years, the international growth of Casa Rinaldi continues with two new openings
in Moldova in 2013 and in China in 2015. A story that continues in the name of tradition to bring
the world’s best flavors of Italian taste.


Following the amazing growth of the organic market in Italy and abroad, in 2012 Casa Rinaldi decides to diversify its offering by opening a bio division with the new Biologicoils brand dedicated solely to organic products. Again the offer of the new Biotuscany division is rich and in continuous expansion: everything always made with the same care and the same attention to quality and tradition, features which have characterized the history of Casa Rinaldi.


In 2010 Casa Rinaldi is now an international company that has hundreds of customers, such as supermarkets, hotels and restaurants, scattered in Italy and in Europe, particularly in Germany, which is presented as the main market. But with a growing demand coming from non-European countries also it becomes necessary to widen. From Castelnuovo Rangone of Modena Emilia company expands in Tuscany with the acquisition of a specialized facility in bottling in Certaldo in the province of Florence. This is the Tuscany Hardy and Vinegar has a 2,000 square meters production site with three bottling lines with the most modern industrial techniques.

That same year, Casa Rinaldi decides to expand the stock of his headquarters. The investment is large, but at the end of the work the company can boast an efficient and modern facility with more than 7,000 square meters and 15 meters high; 500 meters of commercial office space and a new showroom. It is a building constructed according to the most modern antiseismic criteria and with the use of sustainable materials such as high density polycarbonate. As part of the most energy efficient and least impact on the environment, the new warehouse is also equipped with over 1,500 photovoltaic panels for electricity production estimated at 253,700 kg less CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. But that’s not all because with a wide range of products that has been constantly rising further in the years Casa Rinaldi also wanted to adopt a series of cold storage of last generation able to store food in both refrigeration regime freezing. Following this expansion in 2011 it is decided to modernize the offices by creating a single, large open space that could improve collaboration and communication between staff.


With the beginning of the 2000s for Casa Rinaldi begins an important process of internationalization accompanied by a series of investments. Following the strategy to create distribution points in non-European countries to better oversee new markets first opening it was in 2004 in Hong Kong with branch The beautiful country. The company, a name that he was a promoter of Made in Italy, has become the owner of a delicatessen with a restaurant chain. Follows the same year the inauguration of Italcity food in Moscow, import and distribution company brand Casa Rinaldi products. Same philosophy for Ukraine where Casa Rinaldi arrives in 2008 with Italfood.


The shape has its own essence, proves the Oscar won by Casa Rinaldi at Cibus for dressing the line “Duetto”. E ‘in 1998 when Casa Rinaldi decides to launch a product with a unique packaging that combine the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and extra virgin olive oil in a single solution with a soft and seductive design. An idea very well received both by insiders where the consensus is unanimous, both by consumers, immediately intrigued by the novelty that united sense of aesthetics and practicality. The ninth edition of Cibus, the international food industries salon that takes place every two years in Parma, brings us also critical recognition. In front of hundreds of foreign buyers Casa Rinaldi receives the Oscar for “attractiveness, creativity and imagination.” Duet rewrites history by giving substance to the form.


1990 is the year of the consecration with the conquer of the award “Super Palio di San Giovanni”, not any kind of award but the one that compares the winners of the last twenty editions. A classic event organized by the Consortium of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Spilamberto, which since its foundation in 1967 shall ensure the ” Modena black gold “, the prize is the highest award in its field because it compares the best Traditional Balsamic manufacturers tasters judged by the masters of the Coterie. To win the trophy of the twentieth’ anniversary, in 1990, obtaining the title of “Best of the best” with the first place in the “Super Palio” dedicated to Rolando Simonini, the historical founder of the Coterie, and the ABTM Flaminio Rinaldi, co-owner of Casa Rinaldi. From the private selection of Flaminio Rinaldi who won the Super Palio is born “The Best”, the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Casa Rinaldi that until 2010  could boast with the title “Best of the best” and to this day remains registered in the history of this extraordinary product.


Casa Rinaldi is the home of the tradition. Everything is born of love for the taste and Italian design in a territory like Emilia that combines art for the slow food with the culture of fast cars such as Ferrari, Maserati or Lamborghini. After you have created in the postwar period in one of the most important of the Modenese business groups in 1979 Rinaldi family decided to combine its entrepreneurial experience with a passion for Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP and good food: thus Casa Rinaldi.

The vinegar – Heart and soul of Casa Rinaldi is the family vinegar: a prestigious and rich battery that counts forty barrels of fine wood, some dating back to the sixteenth and the seventeenth century, which is still produced the traditional balsamic. The vinegar is a place rich in history where time stops to let the tradition. Difficult to define the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, it’s not just a condiment, but a unique blend, dense and unique taste that combines the savory to sweet vinegar of cooked must. The real Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is produced in the area of the ancient Este dominions, obtained from cooked grape must matured by slow acidification derived from natural fermentation through a long aging process in barrels made of different woods without any addition of aromatic substances . Dark brown in color, full and bright, a good Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is distinguished by its correct and smooth syrupy only by its penetrating flavor that combines the acidity to dessert. Savory with velvety shades is offered generously to the dense and well balanced palate. To achieve this, the cooked must must stand motionless inside barrels in humid environments and at ambient temperature, with the air of the nearby mountains of the Apennines. The barrels, which with their wooden centenary contribute to forming the taste, remain closed only by a cloth stopped by a stone taken from the bed of the nearby river Secchia. Stones which over the years even arrive to hole, pierced by the gases emitted by the Balsamic resting in barrel. A magical transformation and full of charm that gives us one of the most precious foods of Italian gastronomic cultur