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28 November 2022

Our Holiday Gift Guide

The most special time of the year is about to come, and we are here to assist you with a selection of gifting ideas.
Have a look at our Gift Guide and discover our collection: from refined sets and precious Balsamic Vinegars to truffle delicacies and sweet temptations.





The ultimate “truffle therapy” set.

An irresistible selection of truffle-based delicacies to celebrate with the most noble flavor.











Our black and gold Perle are perfect for the holiday season.

A unique product to make your recipes beautiful and an original gift to surprise with something new and chic.










“Vices and virtues” by Casa Rinaldi collects a selection of mustards and jellies coming exclusively from the Italian territory.

They are made with the freshest raw materials, from figs to pumpkin, from quince to Mantuan Lambrusco. A gift for connoisseurs.










The perfect gift for the friend who has a very sweet tooth: nougat!

Our crumbly torroni collection goes from the classic almond, walnuts and pistachio to the most extravagant zabaglione, cappuccino and tiramisu.







Discover our Holiday Gift Guide